ITS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT CHANGING THE GAME, JUST CHANGING HOW YOU PLAY IT. try new things, make new choices, and keep turnin it up. with change comes choice. the choice to not just feel local but to drink local. then theres the choice to keep it going. keep it local. #keepitskippas.


Inspired by everything South African, 5 Skippas beers are designed to be bold, authentic, and weave a fabric between the different cultures you can find locally.

With respect to our colourful heritage and great passion for people, 5 Skippas lives by the philosophy that if takes something special to bring people together, why should it not be a great tasting beer?

A bold expression of the South African beer drinker.

From back to Kasi comes a local South African beer made for the people, by the people. The 5 Skippas story began with a legendary interview on live TV that captured the hearts of South Africans. Today, the name is used to describe many things, but most importantly a great tasting beer we can all celebrate.


We brew our beers specifically with the South African beer drinker in mind. But that does not mean we are a beer for just anybody: the people who like us tend to live beyond the nine to five and choose to play by their own rules. If their success came easy, they would drink any beer. We are a beer for the believers, the go-getters, and the achievers in all of us.

5 skippas is one of the stronger lagers available in South Africa and is characterised by its amber-coloured blend, foamy white head, and crisp body of ingredients that includes only the essentials: malt, barley, water and hops.

5 skippas is a bold tasting beer with a refreshing aroma & smooth, clean taste.

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